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After those vertiginous dates in middle 2008 when oil barrel surpass U$D 150
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Working for a better Guinea

GEPetrol is the national oil company of Equatorial Guinea

Since its creation, in 2001, GEPetrol has been a key factor
in the development of the country, and the economic and
social promotion of the population as a whole.

Conceived for a global world, and in line with sustainable
development principles, GEPetrol manages the set of oil resources
in Equatorial Guinea, aiming at fulfilling the Millennium Goals
as approved by the United Nations. Within said objectives, there is
one that constitutes a priority: poverty eradication

Therefore, a comprehensive program of mixed-companies
constitution and investment in alternative sectors, as well as
promoting works for the public welfare and contributing to
the ministerial departments that so require, constitute
GEPetrol’s permanent agenda.

On behalf of Equatorial Guinea, GEPetrol
welcomes you, whether you are an investor,
a collaborator, an employee or a spontaneous visitor
to our Web Site.

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GEPetrol / Calle Acacio Mañé. nº 39 // P.O. Box 965 Malabo